Cement equipment market to be driven by stricter environmental regulations through 2024

Functional equipment is forecast to be the main driver for the world cement equipment market, being projected to account for over USD 3 billion in 2024, according to CW Research's World Cement Equipment Market and Forecast Report 2020.

ÔÇ£Looking at all the cement equipment segments, we can observe that high-technology functional equipment will be the main driver for the market in the future. Sub-segments such as automation and control equipment, along with environmental equipment, will be growing in market size, despite fewer capacity additions,ÔÇØ assesses Prashant Singh, Associate Director at CW Group.


CW Research expects automation equipment to become more widely adapted and grow in popularity even in emerging economies, as players strive for higher efficiencies. As environmental legislations become increasingly stringent, higher requirements for dust and gas emissions at a plant level are expected, which in turn will generate the need for more efficient and technological solutions.

The focus on environmentally sensitive equipment is not a feature exclusive to only western manufacturers. Major Chinese OEM's including Sinoma and CNBM are also exploring this sector and investing their efforts on becoming more environmentally friendly as they seek new markets not only in China but also in advanced economies.

ÔÇ£The singular focus of the cement industry globally in the past few years has been on reducing its carbon footprint and making the industry adaptive to a more climate conscious world. These efforts are reflected not only in new technologies but also in process and product optimization,ÔÇØ adds Carolina Pereira, Manager Advisory & Research at CW Group.


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CW Group's 2020 update of the World Cement Equipment Market and Forecast Report addresses important market dynamics and provides a five-year outlook for equipment used in the production of clinker and cement. Building on a rigorous analysis of past and future cement plant capacity expansions (greenfield and brownfield expansions), the report covers all production stages, from raw material grinding to final cement dispatch. Key trends in the main production equipment segments are discussed, sized and forecasted (in USD value and capacity, where applicable), broken down into geographic segments (regions and global by equipment type).

More specifically, process-wise, the report covers equipment required in crushing (crushers), milling (raw meal mills, fuel mills, finishing mills), power (electricity generation and waste heat recovery), pyro processing (burners, pre-heaters/cyclones, kilns, coolers, alternative fuel preparation), and dispatch (weighing, bulk loading, bagging and palletizing equipment) is sized and forecast. Within the principal segments additional details are provided, including mills (vertical roller, ball and roller presses) as well as other equipment such as conveying, storage (silos, stackers/reclaimers), automation, motors, environmental & emissions (e.g., filters and scrubbers), and testing and control functions are extensively covered.

For more information, placing an order, or interview inquiries, please contact Mihnea Manea, Media and Market Services Executive, CW Group, by phone at +40 723 281 704, or e-mail at [email protected]

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