Expert Network Services


Full Service

Work with CW consultants to define your research brief and leverage CW's unrivalled network of carefully vetted industrial sector experts.


Rigorous Compliance

Pursue your intelligence gathering knowing that CW follows a rigorous set of carefully designed compliance steps to ensure trust and confidence in the process.


Exceptional Insights

Reach frontline industry experts that can provide detailed and rich insights to answer your critical business questions.

How we work

Work Process

CW Expert Network is the future of professional information exchange. We connect our clients to leading experts in the heavy industrial sectors to help them make the most informed business decisions possible.

CW Expert Network is the ideal solution when you must know and you need to know for yourself firsthand from frontline experts.

Our Approach : How it works

We assist our clients in obtaining quick access around the world to leading experts in their field for consultations on key questions facing our clients. Our clients bring to us a set of initial research questions that we help formulate into a brief. We then research and vet potential experts that can help provide their insights to the research questions, typically in the form of a conference call. Once the client has approved the proposed experts, CW guides the client and expert through a comprehensive compliance procedure.

Industrial, Global Reach and Clients

CW helps clients across the industrials, from cement, to petrochemicals, to manufacturing, mining / resources, energy, shipping and commodities. We reach senior industry executives, policy makers and key decision makers across the world for our clients in search of critical insights. Our Expert Network clients include hedge funds, private equity firms, asset managers, as well as strategic companies and organizations.

Fully Managed Process and Advice

CW works closely with clients to allow them to focus on formulating the research agenda and interpreting call feedback. CW researches expert candidates, performs background checks, takes care of payments to the experts. CW removes the time-consuming and inefficient part of the process for the client, allowing faster access to experts in a streamlined manner. Additionally, we often work with the Client in synthesizing inputs and helping interpret results.

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