CW Cement & Solid Fuel Summit 2022 Middle East and Africa

CW Group is the leading global boutique intelligence and advisory firm with a strong focus on the cement industry value chain. Join CW at the 2022 edition of CW Group's Dubai Executive Workshop 2022 which will provide a discussion platform for the most senior executives in the cement industry in a dynamic roundtable setting to exchange views on the latest market analysis, geopolitical events, and post-Covid prospects.

Who should attend?

  • The C-suite of cement companies who need real time business information and data for strategic decision making
  • Industry participants looking for insightful discussions and CW's perspective on the impact of geopolitical events and Covid-19 on global construction and energy sectors
  • CFOs and financial teams responsible for their companies’ strategic direction, cost competitiveness and investment priorities
  • Cementitious products traders and exporters seeking to understand the latest trends in the region
  • Strategists and planners analyzing the latest opportunities, competitive and market dynamics
  • Logistics companies and cargo carriers transporting cement, clinker, slag and petcoke to and from the region
  • Producers and users of solid fuels looking to expand and strengthen their knowledge of industrial clients, including cement companies
  • Circular economy companies and specialists evaluating strategic investment opportunities and a clear outlook
  • Green construction companies assessing opportunities across supply chain

Why attend?

  • Interact with CW: Gain first hand access to senior CW consultants and analysts
  • Receive Data: Leave with actual, systematic information – not just talk
  • Post Covid-19 discussions: Receive the latest intelligence and forecasts
  • Obtain insights: Obtain the latest industry data and statistics from the CW Research team
  • Discuss, not just listen: Discuss and review information in a multi-client setting
  • Personal discussions: mall group meeting, with key decision makers in the Middle East and North Africa cement and solid fuels industries
  • Relevant topics: Address topics that will tackle the most pressing issues affecting your day-to-day operations
  • Discuss how low carbon cement can help the global industry reduce its impact on the environment
  • Analyze how a circular economy approach may help companies reduce their carbon footprint
  • Assess green construction opportunities for companies across the supply chain
  • Discussions on innovative technologies including Carbon Capture Storage and Use (CCSU) and their adoption

Find here the complete presentation of the event.

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