Global Nitric Acid Market Report and Forecast 2021

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This report can help you:

  • Understand a 5-year historical/ outlook for nitric acid demand and market size by major markets
  • Assess nitric acid market segmentation by end-user industry
  • Review regional market shares
  • Overview of the competitive landscape with market leaders and emerging players profiled
  • Comprehend the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on the nitric acid market
  • Develop winning strategies by building on detailed and extensive nitric acid data series

CW Research's methodology to estimate and forecast market sizes utilizes both the top-down and bottom-up approaches. The market segmentation for end-user applications and calculations for national, regional and global totals were validated by extensive primary interviews based on detailed secondary research. Primary research resources include raw materials manufacturers and distributors, market participants and regulatory bodies. Secondary research sources include CW proprietary database as well as governments and associations.

  • Suppliers and buyers of nitric acid
  • Suppliers and buyers of fertilizers and explosives
  • Strategic planners
  • Logistic and business development professionals
  • Analysts/Consultants

Available Customizations

Based on the research and data for this report, CW research offers consulting services to further extend the report and address specific srategic questions to meet  client-specific scientific needs. For instance, clients may seek to:

  • Drill down into specific countries and other gegraphies
  • Evaluate sub-applications by country
  • Address specific strategic and market questions
  • Develop market entry and response strategies
Electronic (PDF)

CW Research’s “Global Nitric Acid Market Report and Forecast 2021” addresses important market dynamics, including a detailed overview of the market, historical analysis, and outlook for the nitric acid market through 2026 on a global and regional basis. The report also analyzes market segmentation by end-user industry (agriculture, mining, chemical manufacturing, and others).

Nitric acid is a colorless, fuming, and highly corrosive liquid commonly used as a laboratory reagent and an important industrial chemical for the manufacture of explosives and fertilizers. The rapid development of industries, including agriculture, construction, and automotive is expected to drive demand for high-quality nitric acid.

Additionally, the report covers the competitive scenario by profiling leading players in the nitric acid market, as well as providing valuable insights on new opportunities and key market trends. The challenges posed by Covid-19 on the nitric acid market and other constraints of the industry are also addressed.

Scope of the report:

1. Executive summary

2. Methodology

3. Global Nitric Acid Market Overview

  • Industry overview
  • Market segmentation based on end-user industry (agriculture, mining, chemical manufacturing, and others)
  • Market drivers and market constraints
  • Market participants (value chain)
  • Trade dynamics
  • Transportation and storage
  • Regulatory scenario and health-related hazards
  • Alternatives
  • Innovation

4. Competitive overview

  • Market shares by production capacity of main manufacturers
  • Recent developments (M&A, joint ventures, capacity upgrades)

5. Global and regional historical review (2016-2021E) and outlook (2021E-2026F) - North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe & CIS, Middle East, Africa, Asia ex-China, China

  • Supply-demand balance
  • Consumption by market and end-user (mn tons)
  • Market size (USD)
  • Regional divergences
  • Barriers to entry
  • Competitive advantages

6. Company profiles

  • BASF
  • CF Industries
  • Deepak Fertilisers
  • Dyno Nobel
  • Enaex
  • Eurochem
  • LSB Industries
  • Orica
  • Sasol
  • Yara International
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