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Genco shipping implements refinancing

Strategic moves: Genco's refinancing and acquisition dynamics shown  

10 November

Germany's 2023 Grain Harvest Faces Decline

Rain disrupts crop expectations {reg} Germany anticipates a drop in its 2023 grain harvest, with projections falling below 40 million metric tons from 43 million in 2022, as reported by Reuters (Nasdaq). Persistent August rains hampered harvesting, casting doubt on reaching the 40-million-ton target set by the DBV association of German farmers. Weather fluctuations, including a wet spring,...

30 August

São Paulo's agribusiness thrives

Exports surge, trade balance favourable {reg}[PAID={"id":"12,13,14","title":"The content you tried to access is only available to paid subscribers.","link":"1"}] São Paulo's agribusiness sector has demonstrated remarkable resilience, with exports soaring by 5.4 percent in the first seven months of 2023 compared to the previous year, reaching a total of USD 15 billion, as reported by Canal...

29 August

Kazakhstan's grain woes impact bulk industry

Drought and water scarcity threaten grain crops {reg} Kazakhstan's grain industry confronts dire challenges, driven by drought and water scarcity, reports Kazinform. Minister of Agriculture Yerbol Karashukeyev presented the latest data, revealing that 45.1 percent of grain crops (7.8 million hectares) are in good condition, 46 percent (8 million hectares) are satisfactory, and 7.5% (1.3...

28 August

Chicago soybean prices post USDA report

Market calm amid crop adjustments {reg}[PAID={"id":"12,13,14","title":"The content you tried to access is only available to paid subscribers.","link":"1"}] The USDA's August report stirred anticipation in the soybean market, focusing on North American crop adjustments due to unfavorable conditions. Surprisingly, Chicago's reaction remained subdued despite significant USDA cuts. One reason for...

28 August

Ukraine’s agriculture to take 20 Years to recover

Russia's invasion of Ukraine a year ago has caused extensive damage to the country's agricultural sector, resulting in losses estimated at USD 40.2 billion {reg}[PAID={"id":"12,13,14","title":"The content you tried to access is only available to paid subscribers.","link":"1"}] The war has led to the loss of arable land, destruction of irrigation and storage systems, and reduced productive...

17 August

Grain demand rises in Eastern Sub-Saharan Africa

The growing population in the East and Southern Africa (ESSA) region, consisting of 22 economies, is expected to reach 705 million by 2035, driving increased demand for staple foods like white corn, wheat, and rice {reg} Urbanization, rising income, and dietary changes in cities like Nairobi, Kampala, Dar es Salaam, and Lusaka will further boost the demand for wheat, writes AgriMarketing. The...

16 August

Low-protein wheat is a problem in Latin America

Efforts to increase wheat production in several Latin American countries besides Argentina have paid off.

14 April

Soy market remains attentive to weather conditions in the US

Current scenario is marked by intertwines in relation to American interest rates.

13 April
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