Markets & Trade

Shandong's ammonium nitrate market update

Stability in Shandong's ammonium nitrate
July 12, 2024
Equipment & Technology

Green Nitric Acid technologies transforming industry

Low-carbon ammonia and nitric acid technologies to
July 11, 2024



Ammonium nitrate market trends

Current industry dynamics and historical context
June 14, 2024
Volume & Pricing

Ammonium nitrate prices in Shandong

Stable Trends in Ammonium Nitrate
June 25, 2024

CO2 emission related to energy reach record level in 2021

CO2 emission increased by 6 percent to 36.3 billion tons

14 December, 2020

─îEZ Group invests in lower emissions

Utility wants to become carbon neutral by 2050

14 December, 2020

A project in the UK to be funded by EU

EU to support UK-based carbon capture and storage project[$]

14 December, 2020

A&G Coal violates Clean Water Act

Firm had released selenium into water at a coal mine without a permit.

14 December, 2020

Abbot Point EIS underway

EIS to involve 15 independent studies

14 December, 2020

Abbot Point expansion plans bared

Government to begin consultations with stakeholders.

14 December, 2020

Abbot Point seen to threaten Great Barrier Reef

Terminal to boost traffic through reef to 1,300 ships.  

14 December, 2020

Activists seek Bellingham coal train ban

Activists seek to prevent ecological damage.  

14 December, 2020

Activists work to foil Bellingham coal plans

Activists seek to keep coal trains out of town.  

14 December, 2020


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