Although consisting of refining byproducts, green and anode grade petcoke are valuable commodities, essential in steel and aluminum manufacturing, and highly sought-after for their caloric edge over other fuels.

CW Research’s forecast studies on the topic are meant to help readers gauge market opportunities for both calcined and uncalcined products, while our petcoke price assessments keep end users and suppliers abreast to first-hand obtained pricing developments.


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World Natural and Synthetic Graphite Market Demand Forecast Report (forecast to 2023)

The comprehensive World Natural and Synthetic Graphite Report helps graphite manufacturers, end-users, and sellers of raw materials needed for synthetic graphite manufacturing better understand industry developments, demand and competitive factors facing the industry.

The report analyses global, regional and key market sizes in tonnages, as well as value in USD. The report segments the market size into synthetic and natural graphite industry and main end-users’ industrial segments, including electrodes, refractories, foundries and crucibles, Li-Ion batteries, friction products, recarburizing products, lubricants, graphene, nuclear reactors, industrial paints and other segments.

The report profiles major natural and synthetic graphite producers, including Asbury Carbons, Ceylon Graphite, Focus Graphite, GrafTech International, HEG, Imerys Graphite and Carbon, Mason Graphite, Nippon Carbon, SEC Carbon, SGL Carbon, Syrah Resources, Triton Minerals.

Find more information about the report in our press release notes here and here.

Scope of the report:

1. Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Global natural and synthetic graphite market overview

  • Industry definition
  • Production and extraction methods
  • Pricing and consumption drivers
  • Consumption segments
  • Production, consumption (by end user), market size in USD, pricing historical overview 2013-2018
  • Trade dynamics and current pricing
  • Production, consumption (by end user), market size in USD forecast 2018E-2023F
    • Electrodes
    • Refractories, foundries and crucibles
    • Batteries
    • Friction products
    • Recarburizing products
    • Lubricants
    • Others

4. Regional and country level break-down*:

  • Supply demand balance
  • Production by region and country: historical and outlook (2013-2018, 2018E-2023F)
  • Industry structure: captive production and specialized production
  • Consumption by region, country and end user: historical and outlook
  • Pricing by type (natural and synthetic) : historical and outlook (2013-2018, 2018E-2023F)
  • Market size in USD: historical and outlook
  • * regions and countries detailed coverage:
    • Asia: China, India, Japan
    • Europe and CIS: Germany, France, Russia
    • Americas: US, Brazil, Canada
    • ROW
$5,000.00 each
Petroleum coke
Electronic (PDF)
September 2018
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