The transformational changes of the paper and pulp industry imply that players in the market have to quickly adapt to new patterns, starting from sourcing of raw materials to reaching consumers.

CW Research’s reports and forecast studies on wood pellets, market pulp, bleach fiber, short fiber, specialty paper, paper recycling, paper additives and more are essential in helping industry professionals build long-standing strategies fit for the new reality of the paper and pulp industry.


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Global Kraft Paper Bag Market & Forecast Report (Forecast to 2025)

Amid the proliferation of recyclable packaging options due to environmental concerns, paper holds an important position. Kraft paper bags segmented by open mouth, pasted valve and flat bottom product types have diverse applications bases ranging from fertilizer, pharma, cement, chemicals, animal feed to food. Kraft paper can solidify its position as the preferred packaging material at the expense of HDPE, woven and polyurethane bags due to their relative ease of recycling as regulations tighten globally on the use of plastics.

CW Research's Global Kraft Paper Bag Market & Forecast Report helps address important market dynamics and includes a 5-year outlook (2020-2025) for industrial Kraft paper bag market size (USD millions) by product type, application and market participants on a national, regional and global level to ensure granularity and specificity required by businesses to make strategic and operational plans. A detailed overview of the major challenges and opportunities for Kraft paper by industry and region matrix allows market participants to assess relevant opportunities.

The report reviews possible alternatives to Kraft paper bags, including woven, polypropylene and high-density polyethylene, as well as information regarding preferred sizes and accompanying trends within the sections of end use applications.

Scope of the report:

  • Executive summary
  • Methodology
  • Global Kraft Paper Bag Market Overview
    • Types of Kraft paper bag forms
    • Market segmentation based on end-user industries (agriculture, CMF, pharmaceuticals, industrial and consumer goods)
    • Market participants
    • Alternatives (woven, polypropylene and HDPE)
    • Market drivers and market constraints
    • Innovation
  • Competitive overview
    • Regional market shares by main manufacturers
      • Recent developments
      • SWOT of major market participants by region
  • Historical review (2015-2020) and outlook (2020-2025):
    • Global Kraft paper bag market size in USD
    • Regional Kraft paper bag market size in USD
      • North America
      • Latin America
      • Western Europe
      • Eastern Europe & CIS
      • Africa
      • Middle East
      • Asia ex-China
      • China
  • Company profiles
    • BillerudKorsnas
    • Canadian Kraft Paper
    • Daio Paper
    • Gascogne Paper
    • Georgia-Pacific
    • International Paper
    • Klabin
    • Mondi
    • Natron Hayat
    • Nordic Paper
    • Novolex
    • Segezha
    • Shenzhen JC Pop Display
    • Smurfit Kappa
    • Stora Enso
    • Verso
    • WestRock
$4,400.00 each
Paper and pulp
Electronic (PDF)
March 2020
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