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  • China’s green petcoke production increased by 2 percent in the first three months of 2022
  • Production volume in India was up 26 percent in March compared to the same period in 2021
  • US green petcoke production has slowed down, while exports continue to increase compared to 2021

  • Capacity additions this year will be led by India and Nigeria, with the first seeing rising demand while the latter is benefiting from high oil prices
  • Cement production capacity in China to decrease by 2026
  • Western Europe and North America's capacities to remain flat this year

  • Cement export prices for bulk ordinary Portland cement both in the Mediterranean Basin and in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea regions increased by almost 2 percent month-on-month
  • East African CFR prices for bagged cement continued to rise in May
  • Spanish cement exports continue to post decline in March
  • Cement exports weaken both in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in April

  • Cement consumption is expected to grow in Asia ex-China and the Middle East by an estimated 5 percent and 4 percent year-on-year, respectively, in 2022
  • While consumption in Western Europe is likely to grow, Eastern Europe and CIS is set to decline due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict
  • Cement consumption in China is expected to continue to decrease due challenges in the construction sector

  • Global cement consumption for 2022 is now expected to grow by 1 percent
  • Consumption growth prospects for 2026 revised downwards on skyrocketing energy prices
  • Cement consumption in the US to continue to grow this year

  • FOB prices for cement in the Persian Gulf and Med Basin increased month-on-month in April
  • East African CFR prices for bagged cement also increased in April
  • Cement exports from Egypt increased in January-February
  • Saudi Arabia’s cement exports continued to decline in March

  • Cement ex-works prices are forecast to increase more than 25 percent in Russia and 17 percent in Germany, quarter-on-quarter in the 2Q
  • Sub-Saharan Africa's ex-works prices to rise in the second quarter driven by Nigeria's booming demand
  • India's ex-works prices to climb by 5 percent in the second quarter boosted by the hike in fuels prices

  • Upgrades and spares segment is likely to grow at an average of 1 percent per year until 2027
  • Greenfield projects to decline over the next five years
  • Burners to see the smallest decline in terms of market size between 2022-2027

  • In Asia ex-China, capacity additions are expected to decline by an average of 9 percent per year in the next five years
  • Europe's capacity addition to slow down due to geopolitical events
  • China's regulations resulting in fewer capacity additions

  • The cement equipment market size is expected to decrease by 6 percent each year between 2022 and 2027
  • Spares and upgrades segments are likely to dominate the equipment market by 2027
  • Functional equipment is expected to be the main driver over the 5-year forecast period

  • Gray cement export is estimated to increase by 4 percent in 1Q2022 quarter-on-quarter
  • Since the start of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, there was a new surge in prices across different shipping rates, impacting cementitious products export pricing
  • Turkey remained the largest global exporter of gray cement in 4Q2021

  • Cement shipments in Argentina reach 4-year high, with the key driver being bulk cement
  • In Brazil, cement sales grew about 7 percent in 2021 driven by self-construction and real estate works
  • Housing drives growth in the Colombian market
  • Cement exports from Brazil and Peru advance on stronger exports

Cement consumption in Latin America continued to post strong figures in 2021, compared to the previous year, according to CW Research’s Cement Country Market Data.

  • Global lime market size is likely to expand at a CAGR of 2 percent from 2022 to 2027
  • China to remain the biggest lime consumer in 2027, accounting for almost 60 percent of total lime consumption
  • The steel industry to stay the largest lime consumer sector over the forecast period
  • Slaked lime is expected to see a decline in consumption, while hydrating lime is expected to grow

  • FOB prices for cement in the Mediterranean Basin region were up by almost 2 percent month-on-month
  • In the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea, FOB prices for both gray cement and clinker increased
  • Egypt’s cement exports almost tripled in 11 months of 2021
  • Saudi Arabia’s cement exports regained momentum in December

  • Major global steel producers move away from basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs) to electric arc furnaces (EAFs)
  • Asia ex-China consumption, however, is forecast to increase by almost 4 million tons by 2027
  • The Middle East is expected to witness the largest increase in GGBFS demand
  • North America and Europe to drive global EAF production growth by 2027

  • FOB cement prices in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea increase more than 1 percent in December
  • FOB prices for cement in the Mediterranean Basin region also increased by over 1 percent in the month
  • Saudi Arabia’s cement exports plunge in November
  • Turkey’s cement exports increase in January-September 2021


Greenwich (CT), USA, February 8, 2022 – In December 2021, FOB prices for ordinary Portland cement in the Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea increased more than 1 percent, while clinker export prices increased almost 2 percent, on a month-on-month basis, according to CW Research's Cement and Clinker Price Assessment for Med Basin and Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea & East Africa.

Ex-works cement prices in the fourth quarter of 2021, are forecast to range on a yearly basis, from a decrease of almost 6 percent in the Middle East to an increase of about 11 percent in the Mediterranean Basin, according to the 4Q2021 update of CW Research’s Global Cement Trade Price Report.

Cement export prices in November continued on an upward trend in the Mediterranean Basin, supported by robust volumes from Egypt and Algeria, despite a decline in other key markets, according to CW Research's Cement and Clinker Price Assessment for Med Basin and Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea & East Africa.

CW price index for gray cement exports is set to decrease by almost 2 percent in 4Q2021, when compared to the same quarter of the previous year, and it is estimated to decrease less than 2 percent when compared to the preceding quarter, according to the 4Q2021 update of CW Research’s Global Cement Trade Price Report.

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