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India Cement Facilities Review

A detailed supply-side analysis of the cement industry in India. This cement market research report reviews all cement manufacturing plants on the country, including integrated gray and white cement plants, cement grinding stations, slag cement plants and blending units (but not mini-plants).

The cement research report provides a comprehensive view of cement manufacturing capacity in the region, for each unit documenting cement production capacity, number of cement production lines, location, ownership, and group relationship.

The report also provides a quantitative segment analysis of the units, output capacities, cement production lines by country, sub-region, corporate owners and groups to help the reader understand cement company production market shares across the continent as well as within sub-regions.

The report induces high-level maps noting the location of the cement production units. However, the compendium map - the first of its kind - the "India Cement Facilities (Poster)" provides a unique and large scale, strategic look at the all the cement facilities in India in the form of a large scale poster in physical print.

Scope of the report:

1. Introduction

• India plant map (snapshot)

2. India cement production facilities

3. Overview

• Top 10 cement companies by controlling group

• India Top 10 cement operating companies

• Distribution of total production capacity by sub-region

• Largest cement groups and companies

• Share of product by capacity and plants

• Average cement plant size by sub-region

• Total capacity and facilities by size of unit

• Share of product by capacity and plants

• Distribution of total production capacity in North India

• Distribution of total production capacity in South India

• Capacity by state and share

• Facility type by region

• Capacity by commodity and plant type

4. Cement group shares

• Major cement groups by region

• Production share in the Southern region

• Production share in the Western region

• Production share in the Eastern region

• Production share in the North-Eastern region

5. Industry Leaders

6. Concluding remarks

7. Data tables

• Capacity & units by region, state and group

• Cement plant details (Map refers to India cement facilities poster)

$575.00 each
Facility reports & maps
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