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World Cement Carrier Services and Market Forecast Report

CW Research’s World Cement Carrier Market Forecast Report provides an in-depth forecast analysis with a five-year retrospective and outlookof the specialized cement carrier market demand by type and market size in USD.

The study also includes a comparative analysis between the services and costs of using of cement carriers versus traditional bulkers and containers vessels.

The report is meant to serve end users, builders and convertors of cement carriers who need to understand the existing and future supply-demand balance of the segment. The report provides the information set necessary to gauge regional and global opportunities.

Particular emphasis is given to routes, the age and evolution in terms of ship count in the cement carriers’ fleet, utilization rates, dead-weight tonnage, as well as type of cementitious material transported, type of loading and unloading (mechanical or pneumatic). Scrapping rates, new builds, conversions, freight, demand and key trends and drivers for major regions and markets worldwide are fully presented and comprehensively explained. Additionally, the report analyzes the current and future market share structure and market size in USD of the industry, both from a builder and operator perspective.

Historical charter rates of cement carriers are compared with that of traditional bulkers and of container ships transporting cement in bags and big bags. Utilization rates of the cement carriers fleet are also compared to that of traditional bulkers and container vessels carrying cementitious materials.

The study breaks down the existing and future fleet of cement carriers by size, routes, type, and market size.

Additionally, the report provides a crafted bottom-up outlook, driven by gray cement and fly-ash seaborne trade (including the Great Lakes), be it international or domestic.

The information is provided in a data-rich format that combines qualitative insights with extensive facts and data series to allow readers to make critical business decisions. By leveraging CW Research’s recognized and proven research capabilities in a highly accurate and precise format, the World Cement Carrier Services and Market Forecast Report is an indispensable tool to all professionals who wish to effortlessly navigate the complexities of the specialized cement carrier industry.

Scope of the report:

1. Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Cement carrier fleet overview

  • Definition
  • Drivers
  • Pricing history and consumption drivers
  • Charter rates comparison to traditional bulkers and container vessels carrying cementitious materials
  • New build, conversions and scrapping rates
  • Segmentation:
  • Charter rates comparison to traditional bulkers and container vessels carrying cementitious materials
  • Market size in USD, fleet count, dead weight tonnage, pricing historical overview
  • Market size in USD, fleet count and dead weight tonnage five-year forecast
    • Unloading:
      • Pneumatic unloading
      • Mechanical unloading
    • Routes:
      • Ocean going
      • Coastal

4. Regional breakdown (by trade route):

  • Supply-demand balance
  • Utilization rates: historical and outlook
  • Industry structure
  • Historical pricing by dwt and installed unloading system
  • Market size in USD: historical and outlook

By routes :

  • West Coast US
  • East Coast US
  • Great Lakes
  • West Coast South America
  • East Coast South America
  • Caribbean
  • West Africa
  • East and South Africa
  • North Africa
  • Black Sea and intra-Med Basin
  • Western Europe, Scandinavia and Baltics
  • South And East Asia

5. Company profiles

  • Operators:
    • Cement manufacturers-operators: LafargeHolcim, HeidelbergCement, Cemex
    • Owner-operators: Baltrader, BRISE, KGJ Cement, Hartmann Group, MF Shipping Group, Nova Marine Carriers, Sirios Shipmanagement, SMT Shipping
    • Builders / convertors: Algoma, Carlsen, Chengxi, China Navigation, Detlef Hegemann Rolandwerft, Dynamarine Group, MacGregor, Morska Stocznia.
  • Benefits
  • Selected views
  • Methodology
  • Who is this report for?

• Evaluate the competitiveness of the market

• Understand the market’s end users’ evolution and future expectations and needs

• This study brings a forecast report to the industry with a new level of analytical rigor, enabling industry professionals to shape their perspective on markets and priorities

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The research methodology used to estimate and forecast the market size included the top-down and bottom-up approach. The total size of the market was calculated, and accordingly, a percentage was allotted to different sectors in each of the segments and regions.

This breakdown and calculation was done on the basis of extensive primary interviews and secondary research. Primary research involved in this report includes extensive interviews with key people such as cement and fly ash traders, cement carriers convertors, builders and operators, as well as cement terminal operators

After arriving at the overall market size, the total market was split into several segments and subsegments. These data triangulation and market breakdown procedures were employed to complete the overall market engineering process and arrive at the exact statistics for all segments and subsegments.

  • Buyers and end-users (cement manufacturers, power generation companies, cement and fly ash traders)
  • Bulk and cement carriers operators
  • Cement carriers manufacturers and convertors
  • Industrial equipment providers
  • Engineering service providers
  • Investment analysts and consultants


FormatElectronic (PDF)
Release dateJanuary 2021


$3,200.00 each

More Information

Available Customizations

Based on the research and data for this report, CW research offers consulting services to further extend the report and address specific srategic questions to meet  client-specific scientific needs. For instance, clients may seek to:

  • Drill down into specific countries and other geographies
  • Evaluate sub-applications by country
  • Address specific strategic and market questions
  • Develop market entry and response strategies

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