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CW Research is a leader in syndicated and customized market research solutions. Our experienced professional and dedicated team periodically conducts market research for the global cement industry and adjacent sectors. Apart from CW Research professionals, we work closely with credible market sources, including producers, consumers, intermediaries and other market participants to ensure the delivery of trustworthy and feasible data and also to reach the market consensus.

We are known for our products as well as recognized service levels, which are augmented through the bespoke services of CW Advisory. As one of the pillars of CW Group, we are committed to excellence and bringing added value to our clients. Therefore, our products are designed to help them track their competition, monitor developments in specific sectors, and identify and quantify new business opportunities. Together with our clients, we build the foundation for successful businesses in the industry.

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Based on our research, we provide high-quality and up-to-date syndicated market and industry reports, commodity price assessments, market and competitive intelligence, sourcing and trade intelligence for all those interested in cement manufacturing, cement fuels, new markets, investment opportunities, individual companies, the competitive environment, global customers, or other areas. In addition, we conduct special studies at our clients’ requests, performing in-depth analysis of particular markets or market segments.
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