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  1. Game-changing emission reductions unleashed

    emissions regulations like the Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) and Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). Atal Solutions, a key financier, is facilitating the project with a substantial funding of US$124 million. This financing structure,...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  2. Xinjiang railway surges in coal transport

    measures such as implementing mutual guarantee agreements, expanding freight projects, and offering personalized logistics solutions. Enhanced communication and coordination mechanisms ensure efficient transportation, while investments in transport...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Ports & handling
  3. Revolutionary eco-concrete breakthrough at Kidston Project

    The Kidston pumped storage hydropower project stands as a testament to the power of innovation in driving sustainable solutions for the future of energy and construction. Copyright CW Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution expressly...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Aggregates
  4. Exclusive deal boosts pulp market

    water and energy consumption. Anders Rietz, CEO of BIM Kemi, highlighted the company's mission to develop sustainable solutions for the pulp and paper industry and expressed excitement about entering the Brazilian market through this partnership. This...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: South America
  5. Low-carbon explosives innovation

    milestone announced in September 2023, Orica and Fertiberia partnered to supply low-carbon TAN for sustainable blasting solutions. The recent blast at Canteras de Santullán utilized ammonium nitrate produced by Fertiberia using renewable hydrogen,...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Exploration & Production
  6. Heidelberg halts clinker production at Añorga plant

    plan for 2024-2026, with half allocated to transforming Añorga into a center of excellence for sustainable construction solutions. Unifying clinker production will support ongoing CO2 capture projects, crucial for long-term sustainability.[/PAID]...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  7. TKV boosts coal supply for power generation

    protection, and environmental sustainability. Efforts will focus on greening waste dumps, implementing dust control solutions, and ensuring safety in mining operations. Copyright CW Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution expressly...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  8. Government mandates eco-friendly building materials

    methods to minimize carbon dioxide emissions. Additionally, initiatives like carbon capture plants offer promising solutions to mitigate environmental harm. Cement production currently accounts for a substantial portion of global air pollution,...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Construction
  9. Innovative AAC wall plant launches in Gujarat

    Next-gen construction solutions enter Indian market (CW Group)

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    Copyright CW Group. All rights reserved....

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Ports & handling
  10. Pérez & Co. makes major move in bulk transport sector

    arena. By integrating Euconsa's expertise and resources, the group is poised to deliver even more innovative and efficient solutions to its clientele worldwide, led by Euconsa's current director, Francisco Ayuso.[/PAID] Copyright CW Group. All rights...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  11. Revolutionary sustainable wood: ThermaPro by Spartan

    T&G Nickel Gap Wood Cladding, Prefinished Wood Rainscreen & Slatting, and Prefinished Decking, providing versatile solutions for exterior siding, soffits, rainscreens, decking, and more. With thermal modification enhancing the wood's durability and...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Other
  12. Tesco's avocado innovation

    Green innovations: Transforming avocado packaging for a sustainable future (CW Group) Tesco pioneers sustainable packaging solutions for avocados, aiming to reduce plastic waste and enhance environmental responsibility. In a bid to save nearly a million...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Global
  13. Elevating food packaging

    Group) Smurfit Kappa’s Saxon Packaging collaborates with Michelin-star Gymkhana restaurant in London, providing packaging solutions aimed at reducing product damage during transit. Gymkhana Fine Foods required both four-pack and eight-pack food...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Europe & Central Asia


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