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Assuming profitability is required, the following 645 results were found.

  1. TITAN Greece registers significant increase in revenue in 2023

    Voice, TITAN Greece registered a robust turnover of EUR 407.8 million in 2023, driven by significant revenue and profitability increases. This success is attributed to the high growth in the domestic market, with cement demand reaching 3.7 million tons....

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Financial
  2. Indian steel giant's shocking exit from Nigeria shakes building materials sector

    to Aarti's decision include soaring inflation, currency instability, and escalating energy costs, all affecting the profitability of its operations in the region. In response to the ongoing crisis, stakeholders such as Muda Yusuf of the Centre for the...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Other
  3. Petrochemical market trends

    Strategic adjustments enhance Hunan Petrochemical’s profitability (CW Group)

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    Copyright CW Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  4. Jiangxi Cement announces price increase

    from increased raw material prices. Despite weak market demand and sales volume, companies adjust prices to enhance profitability. The actual impact of this price increase on the market remains to be observed. The price hike reflects the ongoing...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Volume & Pricing
  5. Valmet enhances performance at Papierfabrik Palm

    include a three-year Service Agreement and a one-year Performance Agreement, aimed at enhancing the availability, profitability, and safety of Palm's mills. These agreements underline Valmet's commitment to providing tailored maintenance and operational...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: North America
  6. Pulp and paper industry sees soaring profits

    Yu Weining, a statistician from the National Bureau of Statistics, highlighted the positive trends in industrial profitability, attributing them to the implementation of macro-policy packages and improving market demand. He noted that while profits of...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: China
  7. Altri's paper profits surge amid growth plans

    figures. The company anticipates a positive second quarter, citing market dynamics and an optimistic outlook for profitability. Furthermore, Altri showcases a decrease in net debt and ongoing investments in various diversification projects across its...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Europe & Central Asia
  8. Cellulose industry boom

    Cellulose sees surge in profitability (CW Group) [PAID={"id":"9,10,11","title":"The content you tried to access is only available to paid subscribers.","link":"1"}]In a remarkable trend highlighted by Celulose Portal, the cellulose industry in Mato...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: South America
  9. Shipping Company showdown

    World, a comparison based on risk, institutional ownership, earnings, dividends, valuation, analyst recommendations, and profitability provides insight. Analyst ratings from show Cadeler A/S with a stronger consensus rating and a higher...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  10. Ambuja Cements commissions new bulk cement vessel

    transportation. The new unloader significantly boosts the Sanghipuram plant's capacity utilization, advancing it towards profitability. This development aligns with the company’s strategy to optimize operational efficiency, reduce logistics challenges,...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  11. JK Lakshmi Cement profits rise in 4Q24

    on growth opportunities. The emphasis on cost efficiency and volume growth has positioned the company well for sustained profitability in the competitive cement industry. Copyright CW Group. All rights reserved. Unauthorized distribution expressly...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Financial
  12. Korea: cement market posts strong 1Q24 performance

    to 30% of total costs. Consequently, fluctuations in bituminous coal prices have a substantial impact on the industry's profitability. As reflected in import and export trade statistics, bituminous coal prices have been trending downward. The import...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition


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