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Disamtex's new solution for the control of pitches and stickies in paper manufacturing

15 April, 2024




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Enhancing efficiency and sustainability in paper production


{reg}Disamtex introduces the Disawet TA 10, a cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize the control of pitches and stickies in paper manufacturing processes.


In response to the rising demand for process sustainability and the increased use of recycled fibers in paper production, Disamtex developed Disawet TA 10. This innovative dispersant effectively controls pitches and stickies in paper machine water circuits, offering a competitive cost advantage.

The Disawet TA 10 utilizes long-chain polymeric surfactants, optimizing the removal of colloidal materials by combining hydrophobic and hydrophilic characteristics. This product is specifically tailored for applications in paper manufacturing, addressing resin contamination challenges associated with both virgin and recycled fiber-based paper production.

By absorbing pitch and sticky particles, Disawet TA 10 enhances stability and modifies the surface of contaminants, reducing their adhesion. The product's efficiency is further enhanced by its hydrogen bond fixation effect, which retains particles within the fiber matrix.

Proven to outperform other available technologies, Disawet TA 10 amalgamates the benefits of traditional dispersants, detactifiers, stabilizers, and fixatives. Application recommendations include dosing the product into the pulper alongside the introduction of water, with the option for fractional dosing strategies depending on process characteristics.

Practical benefits of employing Disawet TA 10 include improved fabric and felt cleaning, reduced machine cleaning downtime, fewer paper defects, and enhanced conversion performance.[/reg]

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