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Innovating with recycled fibers

21 June, 2024



Europe & Central Asia

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Newry to host major packaging facility
July 11, 2024
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Suzano's Cerrado Project progress

New pulp mill enters testing phase in Ribas do Rio
July 12, 2024

Discover Tork's latest in sustainable paper solutions


Tork introduces Natural Color, a new line of towels and toilet paper made entirely from recycled fibers sourced primarily from cardboard used in shipping. This innovative product range marks a significant step towards sustainability in the pulp and paper industry.


Tork's Natural Color products utilize 100 percent recycled fibers, with 30-50 percent sourced from corrugated cardboard and the remainder from other recycled paper materials like office paper. These offerings are designed not only to enhance softness but also to promote a circular economy, mitigating resource depletion and waste.

Riccardo Trionfera, commercial director of Essity, Tork's parent company, underscores the strategic sourcing shift amidst changing paper consumption patterns. "We have adapted to the surge in cardboard packaging from global e-commerce as a viable fiber source," he explains.

The Natural Color range aligns seamlessly with Tork PaperCircle, facilitating easy participation in recycling programs. By using Tork PaperCircle, businesses can reduce waste by up to 20 percent and cut carbon emissions by at least 40 percent.[/PAID]

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