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To register with our online platforms:

  • Go to the registration page, by clicking on “Register” button from the top left menu
  • Enter your name and an email address that you can check immediately.
  • Create and then retype a password.
  • Fill in the other required fields.
  • Read and accept our Terms of Service.
  • Click on “Register” button and check your email.
  • If you lost your registration email or if it never arrived, we can resend the email.

After registration, proceed to the news platform (CemWeek, CoalWeek, BmWeek, BulkWeek, IPPWeek, PetcokeWeek) and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Login” button from left  side of the top black menu
  • Insert your username
  • Insert your password
  • Click on “Log in”

If your personal information changes, or if you may want to correct, update, amend or delete/remove certain information by making the change in your user account settings portal (“My account” button, from top left black menu), login and edit your user profile and then click the “Submit” button.

If other issues related to your account appear, contact our support team at [email protected]. We will respond to your request within one business day.

If you want to reset your password, proceed to the news platform landing page (CemWeek, CoalWeek, BmWeek, BulkWeek, IPPWeek, PetcokeWeek)and follow these steps:

  • Click on “Login” button from the top black menu
  • Insert your username
  • Click on "Forgot your password?"
  • On the new page, enter the email address for your account and hit “Submit” button.

A verification code will be sent to you. Once you have received the verification code, you will be able to choose a new password for your account.

In case your subscription ended and the new one has not yet been activated please send us a copy of the payment proof at: [email protected]

In case your login details are correct, the subscription is active and you still cannot log in on the news platform, please make sure the following steps have been taken:
• Make sure your browser is updated and cache memory is clean.
• Check that your internet connection is working fine and there is no program that prevents the page from loading.
• Try to connect from a different device; if you are using your office computer, try your personal one or your tablet or smartphone.

If you passed through the steps above and still cannot log in please send us an inquiry to: [email protected] and the CW Group’s support team will contact you in one business day.

We accept all major credit cards.

Please be assured, CW Group is only charging you the amount noted on your account invoices. However, some customers are charged an extra fee from their bank when paying us. Not all banks charge international transaction fees.

For Credit Card or Bank Transfer payments, download the order form and email a scanned copy of  the completed form to [email protected].

All subscription plans are single user licenses. Discounted group and corporate plans are available upon request: [email protected] .

Our News Platforms offer multiple subscription options for you to access the various online Premium content categories on our websites. The various subscription categories are outlined in the subscription page or here.

We are here to help you. Contact us at [email protected] and we will address your queries within one business days.

In order to have access to all news and features published on / / / / / IPPWeek, go to our subscription page and order your plan. You can see all our subscription plans here.

Contact as at [email protected] or at +1-702-866-9474 to discuss about a personalized marketing package that enables you to run high quality advertising campaigns, with access to your ideal audience.

The reports’ distribution depends on the report type. On our Reports webpage, you can find a wide range of syndicated reports including twice-yearly market outlook, chart books, country reports, maps & capacity reports, price assessments and more. On each report’s page, you can see and choose the license type (individual, group and corporate license) and format of the report (distributed electronically, hardcopy or hardcopy + excel).

If you choose the Excel option, we will email the Excel to you within the day of the payment clearing; you cannot purchase the Excel only separately from the report. The full report is sent via courier mail and the support team will inform you regarding the tracking number and the delivery date once available after processing your order.

For most of our reports, there are also multi-user license options: a) showed on the report page or b) available upon request. Our reports have digital rights management to protect them from unauthorized viewing and duplication.

The multi-user license we provide consists in these 2 options:
• Group (multi-user license): 5 copies to 1 location
• Enterprise (multi-user license): 10 copies to 3 locations

Here are the steps you can follow in order to make a multi-users subscription:
a) Go on the report page and select, from the pricing section, the license type you prefer and the report format available. By selecting the options needed, the price will be shown above the “Add to cart” button. Click on “Add to cart” button, complete the fields displayed on the pop-up window, click OK. Check your data and choose the payment method you want.

b) In case you are interested in creating a subscription for multiple users and the option detailed at point a) is not displayed, you can send your inquiry to our colleagues from support by clicking on the “Make an inquiry” button. You need to specify the name of the product, the number of users and the format.

The answer to this question depends on the type of report and the payment option you choose.

If you want to purchase one of the reports presented on the reports webpage (Global Cement Trade Report, Global Cement Volume Forecast Report, Global White Cement Market and Trade Report etc.), you will get the report when the new update is available. The release date / period is announced on each report’s webpage.

If a specific report is released and you pay by credit card for the Hardcopy+ Excel, you may receive in the same day the Excel and the Hardcopy format will be ordered in the same day the payment is confirmed. The support team will inform you about the shipping options and the tracking number.

If a report released is available in electronic format and you pay by credit card, you may receive the report in the same business day.

If you choose to pay by bank transfer or PayPal, the support team will inform you about the shipping and handling options once the payment is confirmed.

If you want to purchase a country report, it will be released and distributed in 3 weeks after the payment is confirmed by the CW Group team.

You can gain first hand access to senior CW consultants and analysts by attending CW Group Summits, our webinars and by requesting ad-hoc services (expert calls, custom projects etc.).

Access our Events webpage to find more details about exclusive events where you will receive tangible information and data that is normally only available for CW Advisory in the form of projects or CW Research in the form of syndicated industry reports. These exclusive events provide an opportunity to meet with industry leaders and also hear from select invited “guest-speakers” to complement the CW team with specific topics of interest.

If you want to be advised by our experts on a specific topic, contact us at [email protected], and we can schedule a call with CW analysts. The payments need to be confirmed by CW Group support team before the expert calls.

In order to proceed to registration, click on the “Register now” button of the webinar announcement webpage and you will be redirected to the registration page.

On the registration page, fill in all the required fields and click “Submit”. A confirmation email with information on how to join the webinar will be sent to you.

The CW Research webinars are free. Our webinars are interactive sessions to support our clients in addressing key market issues, finding the most efficient solutions and making business-wise decisions by means of presenting the highlights of our reports.

The presenters can be contacted at [email protected], for questions about our research products or for customized advisory projects.

Our experts provide the highest caliber market views, strategy development, M&A/transaction advisory, capability enhancement services for multiple industries and client segments. We do not provide consulting services for free. Visit our webpage and find out more about our initiatives and advisory projects.

One day after the live webinar, the Communications team sends a follow-up email, with further details about the webinar presentation and the CW Research reports. You may access the webinar on our website.

If you are a CW Advisory or CW Research client, let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to share the client version of the presentation.

We provide actionable and customized support.

As a highly specialized management consulting and M&A advisory firm, CW Advisory draws on decades of experience from leading management consulting firms, investment banks and industry companies to provide the highest caliber strategy development, M&A/transaction advisory, capability enhancement services for multiple industries and client segments.

Our team provides a range of services including: long-term strategic planning, new business development, long-term R&D, innovation planning, and independent board advice.

 With a deep research experience built by CW Research, CW Advisory assists clients identify a formal model for quality improvement and helps establish and monitor metrics to evaluate improvement efforts and outcomes.

Contact us at [email protected] to get in touch with our experts.

Our experienced consultants and deep bench senior team of experts provide strategy development, M&A/transaction advisory, capability enhancement services for multiple industries: cement & building materials, energy and renewables, investment firms, metals & industrial minerals, petrochemical, and ports & logistics etc. Go to our Advisory webpages and check the full list of services and industries we cover.

If you are interested in discussing a project on other industry and market segments, please contact us at [email protected].

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