Join us for an essential deep-dive into the latest trends in the global cement trade during our upcoming webinar, Pricing Outlook in Global Trade: Unveiling Trends and Forecasts, on July 18, 2024. This session will explore broad market trends as documented in CW Research Global Cement Trade Price Report for the second quarter of 2024.




Webinar Highlights:

  • Market Dynamics and Price Insights: Understand the underlying factors influencing price adjustments in the global cement market and the strategies industry leaders are adopting to remain competitive amidst fluctuating economic and production costs
  • Regional Market Trends: Delve into the diverse market dynamics across different regions, including significant price trends and the economic challenges and market forces driving these changes
  • Shipping and Trading Analysis: Discover how shifts in shipping indices are having widespread implications for global cement trading. We'll analyze crucial shipping trends that significantly impact the cost structures of the cement trade


Why Attend:

In today landscape of rising geopolitical tensions and escalating energy costs, understanding these shifts is more crucial than ever. The webinar will be led by seasoned industry experts who will offer their comprehensive analysis on navigating these turbulent market conditions


About the Report: 
The latest edition of the Global Cement Trade Price Report Q2 2024 provides an indispensable understanding of price movements and market dynamics within the cement industry. With detailed analysis covering global economic shifts, production costs, and geopolitical factors, this report is crucial for stakeholders across the cement industry.

This comprehensive report is a vital resource for industry professionals, offering insights into import, export, ex-works, and market prices across a wide array of markets, assisting stakeholders in making informed strategic decisions.


Secure your spot now to gain the strategic edge for 2024 and beyond.

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