2016 - A Busy Year for McInnis Cement

14 December, 2020



Markets & Competition

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July 18, 2024
Markets & Competition

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July 17, 2024

The McInnis Cement team remains enthusiastic about the progress of the project in the coming months.

The construction of a number of important elements at both the plant and the marine terminal at the complex are imminent. Work on several distribution terminals will begin within a few weeks. Screening, selecting and hiring personnel who will staff the facility has ramped up as has the development of our product distribution and logistics areas. The sales and marketing teams are hard at work identifying and meeting with potential clients. Overall, the project is progressing at a very fast pace!


On the job site in Port-DanielÔÇôGascons, Spring allows the construction teams to gradually increase the pace of their activities. The various work crews are returning to the pace from last Fall, after the expected slow down over the Winter months, when even then hundreds of workers continued their construction jobs.

Different teams made substantial progress on the crushers and mills, as well as setting up the conveyor that collects limestone and additives and transfers these raw materials in the production process. Work continues on the pyrolysis line and the installation of the kiln on its pillars ÔÇô
critical next steps. Following a break in the activity at the marine terminal, work has resumed on the construction of the towers that will be used to load and unload ships.

The McInnis Operations Team is focused on the upcoming manufacturing process of the cement plant. In recent weeks, technicians have begun their work in functioning laboratories. In mid-March, other team members have moved into and occupy the now completed administration building.

Management and supervisory personnel are hard at work writing procedural manuals and plant working instruction documents. In addition, these staff members are establishing and coordinating training requirements and matching the skills of future employees to the specific operations of various onsite equipment.

The selection and hiring of future McInnis staff actively continues. Once hired, these new workers will undergo months of intensive training before their assignment to the cement plant and in some cases, abroad.

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