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Assuming revenue is required, the following 1828 results were found.

  1. TITAN Greece registers significant increase in revenue in 2023

    According to Business Voice, TITAN Greece registered a robust turnover of EUR 407.8 million in 2023, driven by significant revenue and profitability increases. This success is attributed to the high growth in the domestic market, with cement demand...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Financial
  2. Eco-friendly toilet paper success

    global advertising campaign, Tissue Online reports. The company, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, saw an 18 percent revenue increase, reaching nearly GBP 39 million for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2023, up from GBP 32 million the previous...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Australasia
  3. Petcoke market innovation unveiled

    manufacturers and the foundry industry, boasting guaranteed low sulphur content to reduce emissions. Despite a 42.9 percent revenue decline to INR 183.94 crore in Q4 FY2023-24 compared to the same period last year, net profit increased by 76.94 percent...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: End-user Markets
  4. Cellulose market surge

    highlights increased demand and higher cellulose prices, along with the devaluation of the real, as key factors boosting revenue from exports. Klabin's target price has risen to BRL 28, reflecting a 16.7 percent appreciation potential, thanks to its...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: South America
  5. Vicem’s cement and clinker production declines in 1H2024

    Decrease in cement production and revenue amid market downturn (CW Group)

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    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  6. Kemira enhances 2024 Outlook

    Upgraded expectations for revenue and EBITDA (CW Group) Kemira has raised its financial outlook for 2024, reflecting continued recovery in end-markets and robust performance across its segments, according to Kemira now projects its...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Europe & Central Asia
  7. Residents protests agains proposed Taj Cement grinding plant

    proposed plant, citing environmental concerns (CW Group) The tranquil villages surrounding Chamata Pathar in the Sonapur revenue circle are at the center of an environmental dispute as residents unite to oppose the proposed Taj Cement Manufacturing...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  8. Bulkers over tankers: Greek shipping's strategic move

    approach from Greek shipowners, their investments in tankers have still increased compared to the previous year. However, revenue from tanker sales has declined, indicating a strategic move towards long-term market trends favoring dry bulk carriers....

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  9. TKV boosts coal supply for power generation

    nitrate, alongside generating and consuming significant electricity output. These achievements translated into a total revenue of VNĐ16.6 trillion in May 2024, primarily driven by coal sales. For the first five months, TKV's revenue amounted to VNĐ71.7...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & trade
  10. Dalmia Cement to acquire stake in Solarcraft Power

    reported a 47.5 percent year-on-year decline in consolidated net profit to INR 320 Crore, despite a 10 percent increase in revenue from operations to INR 4,307 Crore. Volume growth was 11.8 percent year-on-year, but EBITDA fell to INR 654 Crore from INR...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Mergers & Acquisitions
  11. Cemenco connects to LEC grid

    1km-long 22kV medium voltage line linking Cemenco to the Stockton Creek substation. This partnership aims to enhance LEC’s revenue while reducing Cemenco’s production costs. William Ph. Gaingard, Managing Director of Cemenco, emphasized the strategic...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Markets & Competition
  12. Paper prices surge

    prices, according to As the fourth largest industrial paper manufacturer in Vietnam, DHC reported net revenue of 811 billion VND and a net profit of 56 billion VND for 1Q2024, marking decreases of 4 percent and 35 percent,...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Asia
  13. Green packaging challenges

    companies like Colusa-Miliket and Bibica seeing increased sales from their eco-friendly packaging efforts. Colusa-Miliket's revenue hit a record high of 719 billion VND in 2023, up 14 percent from the previous year. Bibica's Hura sponge cake sales have...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Asia


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