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Assuming hikes is required, the following 424 results were found.

  1. Recovered paper markets show signs of stability

    and collections, with mills concerned about meeting their demands due to soft collections, thereby contributing to price hikes. The BIR report also highlights the start of 100 percent recycled mills, which has increased demand and consequently driven up...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Global
  2. Cement price surge in Henan

    Cement industry faces price hikes in response to extended shutdowns (CW Group)

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    • Type: Article
    • Category: Volume & Pricing
  3. Downturn hits Irish construction industry

    construction. The survey of 150 construction companies revealed that subdued demand conditions, driven by interest rate hikes and inflationary pressures, contributed to the reduction in new orders, hiring cautiousness, and scaled-back buying activity....

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Construction
  4. Cement prices face upward pressure due to tax hikes

    bag price hike for cement (CW Group) Cement prices are poised to rise by Rs 5 to 10 per bag in the near future following tax hikes. The government recently increased the electricity duty on cement from 17 percent to 25 percent. Additionally, the certain...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Volume & Pricing
  5. UK Construction orders dip amid rising rates

    market has witnessed a slowdown in recent months against the backdrop of the Bank of England's 14 consecutive interest rate hikes and a prolonged cost-of-living crisis. Indicators related to buyer demand and house prices have also seen declines. S&P...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Construction News
  6. Spanish pulp and paper sector thrives

    to access is only available to paid subscribers.","link":"1"}] Despite facing formidable challenges, including energy cost hikes, geopolitical turmoil, and drought impacts, Spain's pulp and paper sector witnessed remarkable resilience in 2022. The...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Europe & Central Asia
  7. Building material costs surge in Nigeria

    16mm steel rod priced at N1,500 to N2,000. Additionally, tiles, such as vitrified and porcelain varieties, have seen price hikes, adding to the construction cost woes. This surge in building material costs is driven by factors like the depreciating...

    • Type: Article
    • Category: Materials News


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