December showcases fall in cement and clinker FOB prices in Med Basin, Persian Gulf ÔÇô Arabian Sea and East Africa

Prices continue to trend negatively for cement, according to the CW Research's December update to Med Basin, Persian Gulf ÔÇô Arabian Sea and East Africa Cement and Clinker price assessment. 

On a monthly basis, FOB prices for bulk ordinary Portland cement contracted again in December, falling by almost 13 percent MoM for Med Basin exporters and by almost 10 percent MoM for Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea countries.

CW Research's monthly price assessment sees similar downward movements for clinker. The month of December saw Persian Gulf-Arabian Sea prices for bulk ordinary clinker FOB significantly decrease by more than 15 percent MoM.

The December update highlights the solidifying of Iran's positioning as a key trader, although the main export market, Iraq, remains affected by instability and expects lower cement consumption volumes for the following months.

 ÔÇ£Traders did not have high hopes for pricing to improve in December, so this month's pricing for OPC cement and clinker came as no surprise for both manufacturers and traders. On the other and, the downward spiral of shipping rates we saw last month is now more contained, so importers of cement and clinker will see more stabilized CFR and CIF pricingÔÇØÔÇØ, explains Raluca Cercel, Consulting Analyst with the CW Group's European team.

CW Research's leading role in the global cement and clinker sector forms the underpinning for the monthly price assessment. Price points are based on the analyst team's on-going discussions with cement traders, producers, exporters and other stakeholders in the business and reflect a synthesis of actual traded cargos.


The full monthly update is available as an annual subscription in individual or corporate license forms. For questions and orders, please contact Liviu Dinu, Market Services & Marketing Consultant, CW Group (Europe), at [email protected], or +40-744-67-44-11.


For more information or interview inquiries, please contact Luciana Murarasu, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, CW Group (Europe), at [email protected], or +40-748-91-84-50.

About the report

CW Research's Med Basin, Persian Gulf ÔÇô Arabian Sea and East Africa Cement and Clinker price assessment product is a monthly report providing   ly updates on actual pricing for cargoes with prompt delivery (next 30-60 days). The unique product synthesizes key market information based on CW Research's analystsÔÇÖ interactions with market participants, including traders, exporters, buyers and other stakeholders involved in the cement trade.

The product covers five distinct monthly price reference points for bulk cargoes:

  • Med Basin: cement FOB and clinker FOB
  • Persian Gulf - Arabian Sea: cement FOB and clinker FOB
  • East Africa: cement CFR 

The report is part of CW Research's ÔÇ£Cement and Clinker Price AssessmentÔÇØ product series providing regional insights for end-user centric pricing information for gray cement and clinker and India petcoke CFR.

For those interested in CW Research's price assessments, please contact the sales team at [email protected] or +1-702-866-9474. 

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