Indonesia expects stable prices, more demand

14 December, 2020

The predictions were made by the Indonesian Coal Association {reg}The Indonesian Coal Association (ICA) expects coal prices to remain at USD 50 per ton, reports Indonesia Investments. The price of coal has been more or less stable in the last months, and the ICA predicts that it remains so. Moreover, the association predicts that demand will increase during the remaining quarters of 2016 and throughout 2017. This prediction stems particularly from the government's intention of adding 35,000 megawatts to the country's grid, a feature that will be achieved mostly through coal-fired power plants. Last year, produced 376 million tons of coal ÔÇô down from 458 million tons in 2014, and exported 296 million of those ÔÇô down from 382 million tons. In the domestic market, demand continued increasing from 76 million tons to 80 million tons. The price per ton in March was USD 51.62, down from USD 67.76 in March last year.{/reg}
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