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14 December, 2020



Competitive intelligence

We are committed to excellence and bringing added value to our clients. Our reports, publications, and market insights are designed to help clients track competition, monitor developments in specific sectors and identify and quantify new business opportunities.

Market intelligence

CW Research analysts support clients by identifying valuable information and make it accessible to industry professionals for identifying and defining their business goals. We also provide data about market challenges and opportunities to get strategic clarity and make effective business decisions to achieve a competitive edge.

Procurement intelligence

We assist our clients in overcoming sourcing and procurement challenges by providing relevant market reports and networking business opportunities focused on how to remain competitive and reduce risks.


Based on our research, we provide high-quality and up-to-date syndicated market and industry reports, commodity price assessments, market and competitive intelligence, for all those interested in: cement manufacturing, cement fuels, new markets, investment opportunities, individual companies, the competitive environment, global customers, or other areas.

Together with our clients, we build the foundation for successful multi-industry businesses.


We work closely with credible market sources, including producers, consumers, intermediaries and other market participants to ensure the delivery of trustworthy and feasible data and also to reach the market consensus.

We constantly conduct market research and cooperate with industry professionals to gather valuable market data that are of importance to cement companies, hedge funds, private equity firms, investment banks and other stakeholders who need facts about the cement sector, market views, cement prices, forecasts, benchmarks, and other decision support levers.


CW Research's procurement intelligence solutions help industry professionals stay updated about developments and trends in the cement, metals and mining, and energy sectors, so that they can forecast potential risks and setup strategies.

We constantly track price markers, market conditions and prompt deliveries with impact on the supply market trends, commodity prices, supply chain dynamics etc.
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